Circumventing the East-west Cultural Impasse: Exploring Means of Bolstering Global Democratic Development by Fostering North-south Cooperation on Democracy & Human Rights Within Time Zones



This project builds on the assumption that rivalry between cultures seriously impedes global democratization process. Cultural conflicts are persistent and therefore difficult to manage. Instead of dialogue between civilizations, it is better to look for opportunities to create networks of parties who have an interest in enacting common policies to support democracy. Such linkages may ease cultural rivalry and strengthen global democratic development. The project outlinеd is a scientific examination of the prospects for cooperation in certain segments of the North-South axis, which are not challenged by cultural rivalry and offer an innovative means to positively impact democratic development. The project aims at the identification of suitable international communities, such as one of the 24 time zones. The GMT +2 time zone should be explored as potentially suitable as it crosses through several very distinct geopolitical subgroups not bound by historical ties.