Olympia Vedar

Digital Horizons for Dual Training

dual VET digitalization online survey information and communications technology


The article focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing the dual VET in the country because of the active digital transformation that has begun in the education sector following the COVID-19 pandemic. The main hypothesis is that a number of stages and activities in the process of organizing dual training can be more efficient with the help of the advantages offered by information and communication technologies. The basis of the analysis is a review of research in the field as well as a survey conducted online in the period May-June 2023 among companies actively involved in dual training partnerships. Digital horizons for the modernization of the dual VET system can be found in the following aspects: the use of ICT for a broad information campaign; the delivery of training in the theory of the profession entirely or partially through ICT; the organization of the training of mentors at a distance; the transition to a digital logbook for practical training; the creation of an online space for the promoting of training institutions participating in the dual system and a platform for communication between partner companies in dual training; development of digital space for mentors to exchange information and good practices.