Errors Gaps Failures Downfalls


Nothing in this world is faultless. Accordingly, when strategizing the following could be manifested:

  • Errors
  • Gaps
  • Failures
  • Downfalls


These four negative notions differ from each other. None of these are the same as tactical management errors, gaps, failures, and downfalls.

Strategic mistakes are not tactical. They have characteristics that differ from the errors made in tactical everyday life. It is one thing, for example, to make a mistake in an accounting report, and another – to underfund a strategic priority. An accounting error leads to a penalty, but the error ends its existence at some point. However, if you fail a priority, one consequence after another follows in a chain that seems unfairly long to you.

A strategic error is very profound compared to any other kind of mistake. It is characterized by the following: whatever is done after such an error, including the special case of doing nothing, is always wrong. In other words, one strategic error inevitably leads to another. The situation after a real strategic error is committed is "zugzwang", i.e. a correct solution is missing.